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;;This should be added to your .emacs file (or otherwise
;; loaded on startup), and it will add a default value to 
;; the "i", Info-index command in Info mode.
;;Written Tue Jul 25 17:10:23 2006 by Jesse Weinstein (Email: )
(defadvice Info-index (before use-default-entry activate)
"A blank topic name will now look up the current word, as with the `man' function.
Use \"g Index\" to go to the Index node."
    (let ((Info-complete-menu-buffer (clone-buffer))
	  (Info-complete-next-re "\\<Index\\>")
	  (Info-default-entry (save-excursion
				(skip-chars-backward "-a-zA-Z0-9._+:")
				(let ((start (point)))
				  (skip-chars-forward "-a-zA-Z0-9._+:")
				  (buffer-substring-no-properties start (point))))))
      (if (equal Info-current-file "dir")
	  (error "The Info directory node has no index; use m to select a manual"))
	  (with-current-buffer Info-complete-menu-buffer
	     (format "Index topic: %s: "
		     (if (string= Info-default-entry "")
		       (format " (default %s)" Info-default-entry)))
	     'Info-complete-menu-item nil nil nil nil Info-default-entry))
	(kill-buffer Info-complete-menu-buffer)))))