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Inspired by how easy it is to develop Java using JavaDevelopmentEnvironment, the author of the Mozilla Development Environment for Emacs (MDEE) wishes to fully support editing Mozilla projects using Javascript, XPCOM, XUL, etc. See


A small defun you may find useful:

(defun open-mozilla-extension-urn () 
  "Open the extension directory for the first extension urn on the current line.

Uses the directory the buffer \"Extensions.rdf\" is in as a base.
urn's look like: \"urn:mozilla:extension:\"." 
  (let ((l (thing-at-point 'line))) 
    (if (string-match "\"urn:mozilla:extension:\\(.+\\)\"" l) 
	 (concat (file-name-directory (buffer-file-name 
				       (get-buffer "Extensions.rdf"))) 
		 (match-string 1 l))))))

Written by JesseWeinstein; released to public domain on Wed May 25 16:51:09 2005.