This package provides a simple way to customize DiredMode to display files in different faces and colors. Colors are chosen based on file extension, file name, or a regexp that matches the whole file line.




Put the above file in your Emacs-Lisp load path, and add the following to your startup file (i.e., $HOME/.emacs):

 (require 'diredful)

Then Do:

 M-x diredful-add

This will ask you to define a new name for a new file type, like “Images”. You can then customize a face using a widget.el buffer (see screenshot below). Faces will be automatically generated and updated for each file type.

File Types can be added, edited, or deleted using the following three commands:

 M-x diredful-add
 M-x diredful-edit
 M-x diredful-delete

Note that changes will only apply to newly created dired buffers.

Settings will be saved to the location of ‘diredful-init-file’ (by default it is “~/.emacs.d/diredful-conf.el”). You may choose a different location by doing:

 M-x customize-variable diredful-init-file


File type names are sorted alphabetically before being processed. In case two file types have matched the same file, the file type that comes last in an alphabetically-sorted list will take precedence (e.g., zworldwritable).

The world-writable regexp pattern used in the screenshot is [rwx-][rwx-][rwx-][rwx-][rwx-][rwx-][rwx-]w[trwx-]



The customize file type buffer: