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< == Xresources ==
< When using the X Window System, the
cursor color can be set in the [[Xresource]] `Emacs.cursorColor', for example with this command:
< <pre>
< echo 'Emacs.cursorColor: #a00000' | xrdb -override
< </pre>
< or persistently by adding the <code>Emacs.cursorColor: #a00000</code> line to your <
code>~/.Xresources</code> file.
< If you are using [[ViperMode]], this setting practically takes precedence over any Emacs-internal customization settings; ''I think'' Viper restores the Xresource whenever switching to vi-mode.
< See also: [[WikiPedia:Cursor (computing)]]


> '''See Also:'''
> * ChangingCursorDynamically -- Change
cursor properties in Lisp code
> * DefiningCursorUsingXresources -- Define cursor properties in Xresources

The text cursor, or cursor is a graphic indication of the text insertion position, which is also known as the point.

Sometimes, people use the words “cursor” and “pointer” interchangeably, but that is not correct. The cursor is the text cursor; it does not refer to the mouse position. The pointer is the mouse pointer, which indicates the mouse position.

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