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< You can get this WikiModesing the project at GNA!


> You can get this searching the project at GNA!


BBDBV3-Wl integrates BBDB in its third version into WanderLust.

As BBDB-Wl does for BBDB version 2, this try to do the same for the third version of this personal database.

It’s in alpha stage and is in intense developing.

Getting it

You can get this searching the project at GNA!

Installing and Configuring

If you want to install it you just have to download one of the files from the download page, and decompress.

Once you have all the files you have to tell emacs where to find them, this is accomplish adding the following in the .emacs file(or your InitFile):

    (setq load-path (cons "~/emacsstuff/bbdbv3-wl/lisp" load-path))

Change the "~/emacsstuff/bbdbv3-wl/lisp" with the path where you have just decompressed the tar file and there are the emacs-lisp files(those ones that ends with “.el”).

After that, you have to tell emacs to load it at every start, this is done by adding after the last code inserted:

    (require 'bbdbV3-wl)

Summarizing, download, decompress, and add in the .emacs file (or in the InitFile) the following:

    (setq load-path (cons "~/emacsstuff/bbdbv3-wl/lisp" load-path))
    (require 'bbdbV3-wl)

Using it

Just run WanderLust as usual and when you read an e-mail you find a new buffer below with the sender’s information in the BBDB. If the sender’s information doesn’t exists in the database, it will request if you like to add it.


Revision 11

This revision has added more integration with the WanderLust’s address manager, so you can get its addresses and add it into BBDB with bbdb-wl-take-data-from-addressbook.

Also it has modularized everything a bit better.