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This page collects the last ten news items.

Newsworthy are interesting threads on the EmacsMailingLists or EmacsNewsgroups, interesting quotes from the EmacsChannel, and general chat between the members of this community. It is our community blog. (For an overview of our personal blogs, check Planet Emacsen.)

Anybody can add a new entry for today. Older entries can be found in the Archive.


We’re moving to a new server. I’ve disabled editing for the moment. Administrators can still edit pages but their changes will be lost. Once we’re done, there is an additional delay as you will need to wait for the DNS changes to propagate. Sometime withing the next 24h you should be redirected to the new server and editing will be enabled again.

Success! You are on the new server. Please let me know if you find anything not working as it should. Send mail or contact me on IRC.

I’m currently going through things like the ElispArea, cron jobs, and all that.

Happy editing. 😊

The extraordinary load the new server had to take (the wiki being a simple CGI script) was a load to bear… It took my a bit but I think the basics are up again, this time using FastCGI (mod_fcgid). We’ll see how far this goes.

This is now an openvz solution with two cores and 2G RAM.

This entire FastCGI thing is very new to me. I’ve looked at it a few years ago, but never used it for one of my sites. Well, load around 198 does this to you. ;)

I’ve configured Apache using the following parameters:

FcgidMaxProcesses 20
FcgidProcessLifeTime 300
FcgidMaxRequestsPerProcess 100

For the curious, the setup is documented on the Oddmuse wiki.

Currently, language-specific invocations (emacs-de, emacs-zh and the like still use the CGI interface. People don’t seem to be using these so much, so that’s good. I might end up getting rid of those, eventually. 😊

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I’m probably going to move the site to a different server before the end of the year. This means that there will be a day on an upcoming weekend where the wiki will switch to read-only mode. I’ll change the DNS entry and a copy of the site will be waiting for your at the new host. As soon as your local DNS updates, you will be sent to the new site and everything will be editable again.

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The Emacs Stack Exchange has been going strong these last few days. Recommended.

It’s going strong at other stackexchange sites too. Check this link which shows all emacs questions from the stackexchange network, including Emacs SE:

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Emacs. Git. Emacs and Git.

From: Eric S. Raymond
Subject: New Git repository is up.
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2014 22:12:55 -0500

I repacked, push-mirrored it, then recloned.  It looks correct as far as
I can tell in the limited time I've had to inspect it.

If we later find conversion flaws, they should be fixable with much less
effort than the initial conversion.

Commits are open. Have at it.

Welcome, New Emacs Developers – a blog post by LarsMagneIngebrigtsen explaining how to check it out, how to take a look at the wishlist, how to contribute patches.

The wiki also hosts a very readable introduction of the workflow: GitForEmacsDevs.

If you’re building on a Mac, remember to use ./configure --with-ns or you’ll get an executable requiring X11 or working on the terminal, only. You must run “make install” in order to test the built application. The installed application will go to nextstep/ and can be run or moved from there. The application will be fully self-contained.

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It’s time for the irregular EmacsChannel ChatClient test again!

 198 irssi
 118 znc
 109 weechat
  99 erc
  54 xchat
  38 irccloud
  22 textual
  21 rcirc
  20 quassel
  18 hexchat
  14 limechat
  14 purple
  14 circe
  10 unknown
   7 bip
   5 mirc
   3 konversation
   3 dircproxy
   3 kvirc
   2 tiarra
   2 fuck
   2 thunderbird
   2 colloquy
   2 ircii
   1 android
   1 netcat
   1 smuxi
   1 version
   1 not4u2know
   1 e?
   1 whorev
   1 that
   1 bitchx
   1 andchat
   1 cl
   1 microsoft
   1 no.
   1 irc
   1 ichat
   1 elitebnc
   1 go
   1 nbs
   1 nettalk
   1 beepboopiamarobot
   1 better
   1 all
   1 cheese
   1 nil
   1 miranda
   1 butterfly
 806 total

IrcClientSurvey says how I produced the list. No manual editing.


Previous issues: 2012-05-22

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Who creates new pages containing Emacs Lisp on the wiki? How many packages were posted to Emacs Wiki in recent times? Here’s the list of all the pages that were created between 2013-01-01 and now, with a page name ending in .el. The list also includes pages that were subsequently deleted, unfortunately. But it’s a start!

Why do we care? Back when the wiki got started, many people posted new code to nntp:gnu.emacs.sources. It was a lousy way to distribute code. The wiki was a bit better than that. It didn’t require you to subscribe to a newsgroup or to a mailing list, and it made it easier to search for code.

A lot has changed since 2002, however. We have public version control systems like Savannah. Emacs comes with a package manager.

And here’s the rub: People have different expectations these days. Finding a package is no longer good enough. They want to use the package manager to install code. So the first thing they do is upload code they found on the wiki to a package manager. Now the situation is a bit better, because they can use the package manager to install code. But people expect better. They expect proper releases. They expect proper channels for bug reports.

In fact, what people expect, is package managers and release managers doing their job. Unfortunately, people uploading code they found on wiki pages to Marmalade aren’t providing the package and release management users want.

Thus, I’d like to recommend the following:

If you are uploading code hosted on the wiki to a package manager, stop. Create a project on Savannah or any of the many alternatives out there, make proper releases, and replace the code on this wiki with a link to your repository. The absolute minimum, I think, would be the use of Gists: “Gist is a simple way to share snippets and pastes with others. All gists are git repositories, so they are automatically versioned, forkable and usable as a git repository.”

Now you’re part of the process. You’re acting as package manager and as a release manager. Thank you!


In the mean time, I’ve added a Git link to pages containing files (the ones with a download button). It will start showing up whenever you edit a file. One example is this one here: AlexSchroederConfigWindows. Many of these stand alone packages deserve their own repositories, though. This is simply band aid.

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Soon there will be a wiki upgrade that requires the moving around of pages, so be prepared for a few minutes of outage…

Well, I guess that was it…

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I’ll be upgrading the data files in a bit. Expect a short downtime. – Alex

Done. 😸

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It seems that something is troubling the wiki again. Every now and then it seems that a lock is left behind. If you see a message saying that your edit cannot be saved because of a lock, consider unlocking the wiki if the site has been locked for more than ten minutes.

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Emacs Wiki should have much better Simplified Chinese translations. UI only, I’m afraid: it only affects the little texts when looking at recent changes, page history, page diff, and the like. Thank you very much, AndyStewart. At the same time, the main script should now be able to differentiate between the language preferences of zh-cn (simplified) and zh-tw (traditional). If you visit the WikiLanguageMenu, you will still see only one Chinese link. I need to add a second link, there. Perhaps 中文 (简化字) for simplified characters and 中文 (正體字/繁體字) for traditional characters? Or should I go the Wikipedia route which seems to use 中文 and 文言…

As always, visiting will pick the language you prefer based on your browser settings.

Alex, Simplified Chinese use 简体中文 , Traditional Chinese use 繁體中文 – AndyStewart

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