I’m going to do some upgrading in the background – some weird UTF-8 characters are to be expected… This will mostly affect non-English pages, I think.

Update: I think it’s mostly working. Some small issues remain.

  1. editing any page including another page containing non-ASCII characters will result in double encoding; this affects all the front pages for the various languages such as SiteMap and Übersicht since they include the WikiLanguageMenu – this problem would disappear if I got rid of the TOC extension… :)
  2. [strike]processes running in the background such as the one precomputing the Emacs Wiki RSS feed will produce several “wide character in print” warnings; I hope that these warnings are not visible to site visitors

Update: Hopefully #2 is fixed, now.

Hi Alex. I have no idea whether it is related, or whether it is perhaps browser-specific, but lately I find that the Elisp Area page showing the list alphabetically [1] is slow to load. HTH – DrewAdams