I occasionally get reports from people saying that they find the wiki locked. The usual effect is that you edit a page and try to save, it waits for a while and finally you get a message saying that the “main lock exists” and a time period.

If the time window is large, twenty minutes or more, for example, chances are that the lock was left behind after a crash. You can click on Administration → Unlock Wiki and that should solve the problem.

I’d still like to know what keeps crashing the site. A few days ago I changed the way the maintenance job cleans up our git directory (Git repository). The log files indicated that this was where it crashed. I was able to reproduce it and changed how git is called from Perl. I recently started posting the result of the maintenance job, just in case there’s a similar problem in the future.

Sometimes it takes a really long time to save an edit. I suspect this happens when github is slow. I push all changes immediately. Maybe I should change that. Git is still on my mind.

Today I installed a job that logs the wiki lock status every ten minutes. There’s very primitive SVG output as well. Perhaps that will help identify the source of the forgotten locks…

Thanks for your efforts looking into this, Alex. – DrewAdams