Ugh, I seem to have messed up a global search & replace operation… Working on it! Apparently the Search functionality was broken, which led to the replacement of “Search” instead of “WikiModeDiscussion”. In addition to that, it appears that the global rollback functionality was broken by bit-rot. While looking for changed pages, it would ignore all minor changes. Not good… Written a test to confirm the bug. Patched software. Installing… I think we’re back!

I still want to replace all occurrences of WikiModeDiscussion with WikiModes, however. Let me try that, first. I’ll remove the edit lock once that works.

Ok, I think we’re back in business. Ugh, sorry for the mess. The edit lock has been removed. I see that RecentChanges is still acting up, but I hope that will settle down.

I think I fixed a bug in RecentChanges which showed up in conjunction with global rollbacks. Everything should be back to normal now.