The purpose of this tool for Emacs is to help free software developers to manage author rights and licenses in their source files’ headers.

First the command “arscanner” extracts the copyright holders from each source files’ header, if any and tries also to identify the license. Result is put in a special buffer named “*arscanner*”

Then the Arscanner’s buffer helps browse source files. You can directly edit a header file to correct something, or add a header to one or more files.

The most popular licenses should be recognized :

    * GNU General Public License (GPL) 
    * GNU Library or "Lesser" General Public License (LGP
    * Apache License, 2.0
    * New BSD license 
    * MIT license 
    * Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL) 
    * Common Development and Distribution License 
    * Common Public License 1.0 
    * Eclipse Public License
    * CeCILL V2
    * CeCILL-B
    * CeCILL-C

Arscanner is a major-mode for emacs. You can find it at