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  From: Joe Brenner (
  Subject: Re: fun
  Newsgroups: alt.religion.emacs
  Date: 2003-02-04 18:30:03 PST
  Alex Schroeder <> writes:
  >PERL is EVIL!  It has CURLY braces!!  Every holy language in this
  >blessed country uses anti-terrorist round curved bent HOLY braces!!
  >Furthermore, these Perl MONGERS!! use a comment ON EVERY SINGLE LINE! 
  >So please, reconsider.  This is alt.religion.EMACS -- not a place to
  >dwell on the usefulness of C-*spit*-PERL-*spit*-"so-called" mode!
  >This is the place where we go and get the STAKES if somebody mutters
  >the VILE word, the eVIl word, the VIcious word -- the name of the
  >OTHER editor -- VI!!!!!!  Tremble, heathens, for the wrath of EMACS
  >is upon you.  Go forth NOW and delete VI, delete PERL, delete
  >perl-*spit*-mode, delete viper-*spit*-mode.  And think only of the
  >greater good:  IT is SAVED!  For EMACS loves YOU!!!
  No, no, no!  
  Emacs is without limit, it knows no boundaries, *nothing* is
  outside of its purvey.  It stalks across all platforms, it
  has a mode for all occasions, it speaks in every tounge yet
  known and will speak in every tounge that will ever be
  Emacs is extensible, it must be EXTENDED. 
  The radiant glow of the emacs environment can purify all!
  Verily, even the editor of the beast may be handled with
  it's terminal-emulator with impunity.

I must have missed the creation of this page. And it even quotes me! Welcome to the wiki! – AlexSchroeder