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This is the Emacs Wiki

This page has meta information about the Emacs Wiki. See the SiteMap for entry points.

We talk about Emacs and the wiki on the EmacsChannel.


AlexSchroeder is the administrator of this wiki. It is hosted by Waldmann EDV in Germany. If Alex gets run over by a truck, contact Thomas Waldmann (also on IRC).

The first edit (see the first entry of the complete change log for SiteMap was made in 2001-05-14. The Internet Archive Wayback Machine agrees and has a snapshot for 2001-06-09.

The Emacs Wiki is located at http://www.emacswiki.org/, or http://emacswiki.wikiwikiweb.de/, if emacswiki.org is down. This is a virtual hosting environment, therefore you need to use HTTP/1.1 to access the site.


Help make distributed backups. This will help us get the wiki back up and running if it goes down. See WikiDownload for more.

An cron job backs the site up on a regular basis. Backup space kindly donated by Bonmot Internet Consulting. If the wiki disappears in a major crisis and neither Alex nor Thomas Waldmann can help you get to the files in order to resurrect Emacs Wiki, contact Daniel MacKay (contact info available on the Bonmot site).


At the moment AlexSchroeder is paying for the server: EUR 20 per month covers bandwidth.

There will not be any ads on emacswiki.org; I hate them myself. If you like the site and want to contribute something, contribute either time or money: Write content, fix typos, clean up pages by removing old discussions, merging and splitting pages, and linking up and down the page hierarchy. If you do not have time, you can always donate money. Show your support by saying on your homepage on this wiki how much you donated to charity because of the Emacs Wiki. That would be awesome. – AlexSchroeder


Anybody willing to share administrator duties on this wiki? See EmacsWikiAdministrators.

Wiki Engine

This wiki runs Oddmuse.

Using a wiki engine written in Lisp or Scheme would have been more in the spirit of Emacs and XEmacs, but Perl is ubiquitous, and Oddmuse is easy to install.

Please note bugs on the Problems page.

Scripts Used

Current crontab:

32  *  *  *  *  /home/aschroeder/bin/emacs-git-update
17  1  *  *  *  /home/aschroeder/bin/sitemap
14  2  *  *  *  /home/aschroeder/bin/maintenance
54  3  *  *  *  /home/aschroeder/bin/update-ell
43  4  *  *  *  /home/aschroeder/bin/emacs-elisp-area
47 6,12 * *  *  /home/aschroeder/bin/backup
38 10  *  *  *  /home/aschroeder/bin/emacs-svn-update
57  1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,23 * * * /home/aschroeder/bin/emacs-rss