This page is comprised of lists of bugs, requested features, and developers’ tasks, both new and old.

The best place to report bugs is via the erc-discuss mailing list, also available on gmane as gmane.emacs.erc.general.

Please remember to give the ERC and Emacs version numbers. The current date would also be helpful.


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Cleaning up the source code

Renaming variables

XEmacs compatability issues

DCC issue


Resolved bugs are removed from this page. That’s why we have RecentChanges. Here, we keep stuff that is only partly resolved - e.g. maybe only in CVS Emacs or so - for further reference.


Things that are not real bugs, but might be nice to have.

Message Handling

erc-list.el featuritis

Directed nick prompting

When you’re talking to somebody, you may want to prepend their nickname to the line, so that they know it’s intended for them, and, in case of high traffic situations, their client can help distinguish lines that are relevant to them from the morass. It’d be nice if erc had some support for that. Here’s a proposed feature that’d be nice (hashed out over a quick conversation on #emacs):