An Emacs convert from Vi.. Tried Viper on Emacs. I could not handle the fact that many of the packages seem to show a little behavioral quirks .. So, Gave up and learned the emacs key strokes. I love it..

I used to use XEmacs before but for some reason I some how felt emacs-21.1 was better and now living with it..

Now I am back on XEmacs. XEmacs seems to handle ClearType? fonts correctly. GNUEmacs, well, doesn’t. has a couple of tools for emacs. Will add more to it as time goes on.

I have not been able to download any .el from this site.. Is there a place where I can see how to setup my browser (if it’s my browser’s problem) to download that thing?

Hello and welcome. Downloading files is notoriously difficult depending on your browser. On Netscape and IE your best bet is to either click it, and if it is shown as a text file to use “Save As…” from the File menu, or to right-click on the link and choose “Save Link As…” from the context menu. HTH. – AlexSchroeder

Thanks Alex. I tried everything but it just would not work. Would it be very hard to write some sort of a script within Wiki to show the el code within a Text box so that it can be copied over .. I had similar problems while putting up the .el files on my site. So, I had to rename them as .el.txt and that solved the problem.. Oh well,..

Hm… How about trying wget or something along these lines to retrieve the files? Or (assuming you have the bandwidth) to check out the elisp archive as a .tar.gz file. Try

That is an excellent idea. I could get that together. At last, I can actually access this stuff. I will publish this thing on the main page as well. Because, there might be others who might be having issues on downloading the data.

I have started hanging out at #emacs at IRC (InternetRelayChat) as gbvb or gbvb[home].. :)

Since I could not put this anywhere else, here is where it will probably endup. This is a Poor mans “properties” mode. This is to highlight some of the stuff on the properties files usually used with Java development to store away some application specific entries.

   (define-generic-mode 'poor-man-properties-mode
  '("=" "{" "}" "\\")
  '(("^\\(.*\\)[\t ]*=[\t ]*\\(.*\\)" 1 'font-lock-keyword-face   )("^\\(.*\\)[\t ]*=[\t ]*\\(.*\\)" 2 'font-lock-string-face ))
  "Major mode for very simple properties highlighting.")

This is a GenericMode extension. so remember to add ‘generic-x to your list of stuff loaded.