Gnus’ Fancy Mail Splitting is a great feature, but it can be challenging to find that one mail coming in a few hours ago.

Lisp:gnuslog.el, when loaded, advises ‘nnmail-article-group’ and puts header and splitting information into an nndoc group of type gnuslog, from where each article can be accessed via M-x gnuslog-goto-destination-article.

Meanwhile it has become indispensible to me.

That and up-to-date swish-e index files of all my mail searchable via

    G G runs the command gnus-group-make-nnir-group


RCS file: /cygdrive/c/Users/Aichnerad/CvsRootAichnerAd/el/gnuslog.el,v
Working file: gnuslog.el
head: 1.5
locks: strict
access list:
symbolic names:
keyword substitution: kv
total revisions: 5;	selected revisions: 5
Bojohan's incoming mail logger, enhanced by me
revision 1.5
date: 2006/10/29 21:45:40;  author: AichnerAd;  state: Exp;  lines: +1 -1
Don't use CVS keyword.
revision 1.4
date: 2006/10/29 21:43:47;  author: AichnerAd;  state: Exp;  lines: +3 -0
Add maintainer info and $ID.
revision 1.3
date: 2006/10/29 21:33:07;  author: AichnerAd;  state: Exp;  lines: +29 -20
Fix long-standing issue where first nnmail-get-new-mail after startup
would be missed by gnuslog.

The fix is to put gnuslog-setup-hook onto gnus-read-newsrc-el-hook,
which is run before the initial nnmail-get-new-mail.

An error condition-case should be used in gnuslog-setup-hook for
correct error handling.
revision 1.2
date: 2005/09/21 07:01:11;  author: AichnerAd;  state: Exp;  lines: +31 -17
Safety checkpoint of version used for a few weeks at least.
revision 1.1
date: 2005/03/30 12:49:05;  author: AichnerAd;  state: Exp;
Includes my additions to date.