Why I use XEmacs

I use XEmacs because it is (almost) like Emacs. ☺

Working with Windows, Linux and UNIX machines I need a powerful program (to create and edit documents) that runs on every system all over the world.

With Emacs I got the first contact with LISP… it was love at first sight ;-). It’s fun writing code with it! And best of all: your code runs on every computer that run Emacs:

Write it once - use it forever!

Since the year 2001 I use Emacsen. I started with Emacs but soon switched to XEmacs because it looked nicer ☺ and fit better into the XFree86 environment of my Linux computer. At the moment (2003-09-04) I spend most of my “editing time” using XEmacs on a (Cygwin-enhanced) Windows machine. There I heavily make use of drag’n’drop files from Explorer to XEmacs… I miss this feature under XFree86. ☹

It’s really cool to have a program where you can find great features after months of searching (like PCL-CVS)… and then you notice that it was always there – in an Emacs package!

Somewhere June 2003 I found this Wiki. It’s great work and helped me a lot! My first elisp contribution is WebBot.

Things I wrote for XEmacs

On my homepage you can find the customization files for XEmacs:

I use a base set of configuration files and one extra file per computer where I use XEmacs. These extra files are tailored to the quirks of the particular machine.


[a comment] Welcome on the Wiki ! Did you try to make a single big file that could work everywhere ? That’s fun ☺
[answer] At first there was only ONE file and ONE computer. But then CUSTOMiZATiON spreads among many files and computers. (-: