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Note on Non-Nil `pop-up-frames' on MS Windows

If you use ‘pop-up-frames’ = ‘t’, like I do, you might have noticed that Emacs completion does not play well with using separate frames for each buffer. In particular, it does not play well with having a separate frame for buffer ‘*Completions*’. When you try to complete input using ‘TAB’, a new frame is created for buffer ‘*Completions*’, and, at least on MS Windows, it is selected, taking the input focus away from the original frame’s minibuffer!

This means that, once the ‘*Completions*’ buffer has been displayed in a separate frame, you cannot, for instance, cycle completion candidates, without first reselecting the original frame manually. You cannot even use normal completion – you cannot add text in the minibuffer, or delete text there, because the minibuffer in the original frame no longer has the input focus. Bummer.

In general, Emacs does not play too well with one-buffer-per-frame (‘pop-up-frames’ = ‘t’), and this is a good example of that general problem. See OneOnOneEmacs for a discussion of this. I reported this Emacs bug. I’ve been hoping it will be corrected since Emacs 21…

I do not have this problem of loss of frame input focus in my own setup, even though I use ‘pop-up-frames’ = ‘t’, because I use my library oneonone.el. (Try it!) If you need a solution while waiting for the Emacs fix, you can try doing something similar to what I do in oneonone.el:

1. Use dedicated frames for both ‘*Completions*’ and the minibuffer.

2. Display buffer ‘*Completions*’ using a special-display function that explicitly redirects the input focus from the ‘*Completions*’ frame back to the minibuffer frame.

See Help and Completions Frames for more information on this. – DrewAdams

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DrewsElispLibraries referenced here: Lisp:icicles.el, Lisp:oneonone.el

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