Aerospace engineering graduate student at Princeton University. My adviser, Pino Martin, and theCRoCCo Lab (myself included) have moved to the University of Maryland, dept. of Aerospace Engineering.

About Me

Portrait I use Emacs 24. I am an new to intermediate programmer and emacs user, but a fast learner. My main interest is scientific computing, but I am very interested in leveraging emacs and Linux in a powerful way to increase my productivity. My .emacs can be found on github. Edits, suggestions and comments are all welcome.

My Blog

My blog can be found at http://bit.ly/m2ZpwL (http://zaakbeekman.blogspot.com/) which sometimes features posts about emacs such as this one about setting up subversion to use ediff as a graphical merge client: http://bit.ly/m9ozZr

Contact Info

I make occasional appearances on the #emacs IRC channel, as well as the #bash, and #fortran channels, and my usual nick is ibeekman. I can also be reached via email at zbeekman@NOSPAMgmail.com. My Homepage is http://www.princeton.edu/~ibeekman.


From my .bashrc file: alias vi=’emacs -Q -nw’


Belated welcome to the Wiki! – AaronHawley