gse-locate.el is a fairly simple package that provides a front-end to the “locate” command. You enter a pattern that gets passed to locate; the results show up in a buffer, where you can press enter to visit a file or “X” to execute that file if you’re on Windows. When only one file matches, it is visited immediately without the intermediate screens.

(I also wrote a locate/updatedb equivalent for Cygwin, for you Windows people.) – ScottEvans

See also: LocateFilesAnywhere for other front ends to ‘locate’ command and alternatives to it.

How does gse-locate.el differ from locate.el? -JoeE

I didn’t even know locate.el existed! I’ve not used Emacs in a long time. Or maybe I did know but it didn’t suit me for some reason… I wrote my first cut of gse-locate quite a while ago and can’t remember the details surrounding it.

Anyway, after a quick glance at locate.el, it looks like it’s based a little more around dired commands, while mine is more or less just “look up files and visit them”. I guess it’s pretty easy to try both and see if one meets a need that the other misses… -ScottEvans