This is Mario Peter’s emacs wiki page. I’m from Magdeburg in Germany. You can write to me in english, german or polish.

I have been using XEmacs since 1997. In December 2004 I was curious, how easy it would be to switch to GNUEmacs, and so I use Emacs 21.3.50 for a month now :) , escpecially the MultiTTYSupport version from K. Lorentey (this feature is very important to me, whithout this I wouldn’t try to switch). But in fact, i’m nonpolitical, I don’t care of EmacsSchism at all.

I use gnus, planner, calender, appt and bbdb for my daily work, in fakt i’m depending on this combination (thanks to SachaChua for her great engagement on PlannerMode !). I also use Emacs for editing all kind of text: my web pages, all my correspondence in LaTeX, perl programs and recently elisp too.