Vim user.

Back up of my .emacs - habaDotEmacs. Useful things - extraedit.el

[new] Welcome To the wiki.

Nope, no login no password just fill your name. --PierreGaston

[new] Ok. Got it. --MaximKim

I wish emacs had find-in-files stuff built in. Grep and findstr can’t help here as my emacs lives in Windows environment. And its console knows nothing about unicode.

[new] I’ve noticed that if you use eshell, and issue a grep foo * command, and you don’t have a grep binary on your system, it will use eshell-poor-mans-grep. Perhaps you can bind that to a key if you need it? Personally, I just install many command line tools via Cygwin. – AlexSchroeder

[new] The ports of grep etc that comes from GnuWin32 works very well most of the time. They are included in EmacsW32LennartBorgman

[new] Grep in Eshell! Thanks! It can search strings in different encodings. --MaximKim