MHC, the Message Harmonized Calendaring system, integrates well with MEW, Wanderlust and Gnus, and the MH system in general. But MHC is not particularly an EMACS application, there are numerous other programs to access MHC calendars.

Obtaining, Installing and Configuring MHC

The latest version of MHC can be found on the page behind the following URL. Note that, although, the contents of this page are in Japanese at the moment, MHC’s EMACS user interface is by default set to English.

To install MHC follow the instructions in the file 00readme and at the top of the file emacs/mhc.el. With version snap20050220 (and probably others), the icons have to be installed manually, for example as follows.

  1. Copy the directory mhc-current-snap20050220/icons into the directory /usr/share/emacs/21.3/etc/mhc
  2. Set the value of the variable mhc-icon-path to /usr/share/emacs/21.3/etc/mhc/icons by using EMACS’ customization facility.

To further configure MHC, edit the EMACS customization group mhc.

Mailing List

For discussion of issues related to MHC, use the mailing list Don’t get distracted by the fact that messages on that list are frequently written in Japanese: Many participants are happy to join discussions in English and other languages.

To subscribe to the MHC mailing list send an email to with the text “subscribe Your Name” (subscitute “Your Name” accordingly) on a single line in the body. Afterwards you’ll receive an email with further instructions.

An archive of the list is available:

Conversion to/from Other Calendar Formats

Included in version snap20050220 of MHC are programs to synchronize data

Separately available is mhc2ical, a program to convert data from MHC format to iCalendar:

Miscellaneous Hints