MyrkraVerk's page

Hello, my name is Jóhann Gunnar Óskarsson and I call myself myrkraverk on the EmacsChannel and other places. I am the author of several pages on this wiki, though some of them have been rewritten since by more capable authors ;-)

I am no longer one of the core developers of SXEmacs, a fork of XEmacs that was made public during the last hours of 2004. Where I’m going to fit myself into the Emacs world remains to be seen (at the time of this writing).

I do not want to sign my work, so that other people won’t have any scrouples for changing them, but I like to have a list of them here. I do not want a link from them to this page.

These pages are (this may not be a complete list):

I also added a nifty trick to switch W3M tabs to WThreeMTabs.

There are web pages of mine at and though nothing very important on them.

I’m also the maintainer of masp,

And I also maintain a port of Colossal Cave or Adventure, sometimes called advent at