You don’t want to type C-x 5 2 (wait) M-x command anymore?

Use this:

 (defun run-command-other-frame (command)
   "Run COMMAND in a new frame."
   (interactive "CC-x 5 M-x ")
   (select-frame (new-frame))
   (call-interactively command))
 (global-set-key "\C-x5\M-x" 'run-command-other-frame)

You can now use “C-x 5 M-x command-name RET” to run a command in a new frame. Whee!

Also, you can now define commands like:

 (defun buffer-menu-other-frame ()
   (run-command-other-frame 'buffer-menu))

Have fun! See DefiningCommands for more fun with command syntax.

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