For various reasons, you might sometime need to redirect one Wiki page to another. This operation effectively replaces the redirected page by the page you redirect it to, so don’t do this lightly.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Edit the page to be redirected.
  2. Remove all its text, and replace it with this: “#REDIRECT FooBar”, where “FooBar” is the new, target Wiki page. Save.
    1. Note that Talk and other pages that are not camel-cased need to encased in double-brackets to work. E.g. [[Comments_on_OpenQuestions]]

Benefit: Cool URIs don't change.

Stop Redirecting

At the top of the page you are redirected to, you will see a message saying “Redirected from PAGE”, where PAGE is the page you were redirected from, i.e. the page containing “#REDIRECT NewPage”.

So, to stop redirecting, click on the page link, and do one of the following: