PolicySwitch is a WindowConfiguration navigation utility by ChristofferSHansen. It can be downloaded here:


A “policy” is defined as a list of configurations. PolicySwitch’s configurations hold more information than Emacs’ window-configuration objects (which cannot be inspected). In addition to the window-configuration object, the config holds a list of window data (through a call to (winner-win-data)). WinnerMode is thus used by PolicySwitch to inspect configurations.

Persistence is achieved in the following way. A configuration is persistent if its internal buffers can be restored through calls to either DeskTop (a), a function in policy-switch-buffer-mode-handlers (b), or if buffer has a buffer-file-name. Unscriptable objects such as buffer and window configuration objects (which is stored internally by PolicySwitch for performance reasons) are set to nil when Emacs exits. That way, PolicySwitch knows that a policy needs to be restored when Emacs starts.

See also WindowsMode, WinnerMode, EmacsLispScreen

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