I use GNU Emacs alot and also write utilities in elisp for my own work.

I have a homepage at http://rkrishnan.org

Welcome to the wiki! Interesting homepage… :) I didn’t know about http://member.fsf.org/. – AlexSchroeder
Thanks for the complement. You will get nice LNX-BBC disc as your membership card. I also ended up donating some money to FSF. I got a special number as my membership number, #255 which is #xFF.. :)RamakrishnanMuthukrishnan
You should be ashamed :) I just recieved my card and my book, I’m #327, and I’m very proud of this too :) Promise me you will subscribe – LucasBonnet
If your read my page, you will note that I am #894, joined on 2003-03-06 (after reading RamakrishnanMuthukrishnan’s page…) :DAlexSchroeder