One can change the window configuration temporarily using RecursiveEdit. Inspired by a command posted by ErikNaggum in an Emacs Newsgroup, EmilioLopes wrote this macro:

 ;; inspired by Erik Naggum's `recursive-edit-with-single-window'
 (defmacro recursive-edit-preserving-window-config (body)
   "*Return a command that enters a recursive edit after executing BODY.
 Upon exiting the recursive edit (with\\[exit-recursive-edit] (exit)
 or \\[abort-recursive-edit] (abort)), restore window configuration
 in current frame."
   `(lambda ()
      "See the documentation for `recursive-edit-preserving-window-config'."

Use it like this:

 (global-set-key (kbd "C-c 0") (recursive-edit-preserving-window-config (delete-window)))
 (global-set-key (kbd "C-c 1") (recursive-edit-preserving-window-config
                                (if (one-window-p 'ignore-minibuffer)
                                    (error "Current window is the only window in its frame")

Now pressing “C-c 1” will delete all other windows in the current frame and put you into “recursive editing”. You know you are in a recursive edit by noting the square brackets around the parentheses that always surround the major and minor mode names. After exiting recursive edit, e.g. by using “C-M-c” (‘exit-recursive-edit’), the original window configuration is restored.