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About Me

I use emacs 23.

My customizations to emacs have been growing steadily larger over time, and some of them are significant enough that I want to start sharing them.

Until I understand the organization of files around here, I’ll just link to all my stuff from here. Feel free to add it to appropriate categories.

My Code

I have written or (more likely) contributed customizations to the following.


YaoddmuseTestLibraryUpload? - I’m just using this to test yaoddmuse.el’s upload facilities. So far I’ve figured out that if a page begins with ;;; Somename.el, then EmacsWiki magically turns it into an elisp source file. Cool.

YaoddmuseTestCreatingNewPage? - There does not seem to be a way to follow a new link to create a page in Yaoddmuse. It seems like I have to create a local file and then M-x yaoddmuse-post-something-or-other it.

Welcome to the wiki. – DrewAdams