The best way to lookup Scheme symbols and read about them is with InfoMode and InfoLook. This is setup in Emacs by default. In Scheme Mode buffers, typing ‘C-h S’ will search in the index Revised5 Report on Schema Programing (R5RS) for the the symbol at point. You just need to install the R5RS info file into your InfoPath.

Scheme-lookup was a modified version of hyperspec.el (see CommonLispHyperspec), seeded with symbols from R5RS, finalized SRFIs and the manuals of several Scheme systems. It allows to simply put the TextCursor over a symbol and hit M-x scheme-lookup to jump to the relevant documentation.

To get scheme-lookup do

  darcs get

then follow the instructions at the top of scheme-lookup.el. It should all be pretty self-explanatory.

(But that site has been dead since 2009-10-31).


Since scheme-lookup was dead, NumaTortolero wrote the Lisp:r5rs.el simple file to browse documentation from the R5RS Revised5 Report on Scheme Programing language.