AlexSchroeder’s configuration for SpamStat:

    (require 'spam-stat)

I do SplitMailUsingBbdb, and use spam-stat-split-fancy:

    (setq nnmail-split-fancy
          '(| ("Gnus-Warning" "This is a duplicate" "mail.spam.duplicates")
              ;; HTML only is spam
              ("Content-Type" "text/html" "mail.spam.filtered")
              ;; weird character sets are spam, too
              ("Subject" "=?ks_c_5601-1987" "mail.spam.filtered")
              ;; spam filtering based on statistics
              (: spam-stat-split-fancy)
              ;; now use the BBDB to split -- note that all the groups
              ;; this splits into must be used as "good" mails for
              ;; spam-stat!
              (: (lambda ()
                   (car (bbdb/gnus-split-method))))
              ;; the rest is probably for me

To train spam-stat, I must train it on the spam, and on the non-spam, and since I want very large dictionaries, I make sure that none of the groups I use here are expirable. Here is a function I run every now and then when I think that too much spam is getting through again.

    (defun my-spam-stat-reset ()
      "Train my spam-stats."
      (spam-stat-process-spam-directory "~/Mail/mail/spam")
      ;; This should list all mail directories that are not spam.
      ;; It should exclude spam and filter directories.
      (mapc 'spam-stat-process-non-spam-directory
      (let ((coding-system-for-write 'emacs-mule))

Generally speaking, I want to use all my nnml mail folders as non-spam. There are a few exceptions, however: The “spam” hierarchy including “spam.filtered” (the spam I filtered by checking for weird coding system or by checking for a text/html content type without a text/plain alternative), “bogus”, “news”, “drafts” (groups Gnus will create automatically), and “sent” which is where I put temporary copies of mail I send out. I use the following defun to produce that list. Note that all the files without a period in their filename will be processed in the list of directories returned, therefore make sure the list does not contain bogus directories on your system.

    (defun non-spam-mail-directories ()
      "Return non-spam directories."
      (let (existing new
	    (current (list nnml-directory)))
	(while current
	  (dolist (parent current)
	    (message "Reading %s..." parent)
	    (condition-case nil
		(dolist (dir (directory-files parent t))
		  (when (and (not (member (file-name-nondirectory dir)
					  '("." ".."  "news" "drafts" "bogus"
					    "sent" "spam" "duplicates" "archive")))
			     (file-directory-p dir))
		    (setq new (cons dir new))))
	      (error (message "Cannot access %s" parent))))
	  (setq existing (nconc existing new)
		current new
		new nil))

Important: When I get spam in my mail.misc group, or non-spam in my mail.spam group, I must move them to the correct group using `B m’.

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