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The obligatory blog: Ttlaxia-Verlag…Email: ego111 at the usual google email address.

I also wrote TwIt – a little library for doing posts to I don’t know which will happen sooner--I lose interest in Twit, or folds. But it’s fun for the moment. [edit: I lost interest, and is doing a roaring business].

Edit even later: TwIt rapidly became a monster. People anarchically added whatever they felt like, without regard to good sense, and with much less regard for good taste. The tangled mass evidently became too much to maintain, as it stopped being functional for me some time ago, and has now become bit-rotted. I don’t post on Twitter much, but when I want to check the feeds I’m following, I use twittering-mode these days.

I have also written a little generic major mode for editing AS/400 CL (Control Language) files, for the three people on the planet who are likely to want such an obscure thing. It’s somewhere on `gnu.emacs.sources’ if you want it (it’s ctrl-lang.el).

Interestingly I recently discovered that with all the virtualization and Linux-ishness that IBM is doing these days, it is now possible if you have some package on a System i that Emacs is actually already on the machine and ready to run. You need to have a PC with X (GNU/Linux or perhaps Windows with Cygwin or Xming, for example) and then you can run Emacs directly on the System i and tunnel X to your PC. I mean, this is pretty cool and I really want to try it. Unfortunately, while we have PASE on the systems I work with, we don’t have whichever IBM package would provide Emacs. Pity.

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