Search and replace numerous files in VersionControl.

 From: KaiGrossjohann
 Subject: Re: String-replace in multiple files
 Newsgroups: comp.emacs
 Date: 30 May 2001 13:53:50 +0200

You can use ‘C-x v d’ (or ‘C-u C-x v d’?) for a recursive directory listing of all the files in RCS or CVS. (You might have to use ‘v t’ in the listing to display even the non-locked files.)

You could then check out all the files, use ‘Q’ to do the replace in all files, then check them all in again. Optimizing this so that only those files are checked out that contain the string is a little more difficult, but not at all impossible.

To check out all the files, mark them and do ‘v v’. To check them in again, do the same.

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