FilePropertiesDialog is a command-line program which shows Windows “File Properties” dialog box for specified file or directory.

To achieve this FilePropertiesDialog runs explorer with “properties” verb.

Usage: FilePropertiesDialog.exe <path>

This program can be used as a part of extensions for Emacs dired mode, and as temporary workaround for w32-shell-execute command (unfortunately in latest GNU Emacs 23.2.1 it does not support “properties” verb).

Emacs uses ShellExecute. To use “properties” as a verb it looks like ShellExecuteEx must be used.

For example, lets say you want dired to open “File Properties” dialog for file under cursor each time you press Alt-Enter. To do that you can add following definition to your “~/.emacs” file:

(defun slash-to-backslash (str)
  "Returns STR where all slash symbols changed to back slashes"
    (insert str)
    (replace-string "/" "\\" nil (point-min) (point-max)) 

(require 'dired)
(define-key dired-mode-map [M-return] (lambda () 
  "Shows window shell `File Properties' dialog for selected file in dired"
  (start-process "dired-process" "dired-process-output" "C:\\PROGRA~1\\emacs-23.2\\GnuWin32\\bin\\FilePropertiesDialog.exe" 
                 (slash-to-backslash (dired-get-filename)))))

where "C:\\PROGRA~1\\emacs-23.2\\GnuWin32\\bin\\FilePropertiesDialog.exe" is a full path to "FilePropertiesDialog.exe" on your computer.

Zip archive with binary and source can be downloaded from the http://mobilave.info/2010/FilePropertiesDialog/FilePropertiesDialog.zip