Rendering Frames

If you want to render frames within Emacs, you have to use w3mmee rather than w3m – w3mmee is w3m with multibyte encoding extension. The problem seems to be that w3m and w3mmee behave differently with the -dump_extra flag.

You will also need the utility mbconv (character encoding scheme converter) for this to work out of the box – this is provided by either the libmoe1.5 or libmoe-dev package on Debian GNU/Linux systems.

To use w3mmee/mbconv:

 (require 'executable)
 (let ((w3mmee (executable-find "w3mmee"))
       (mbconv (executable-find "mbconv")))
   (when (and w3mmee mbconv)
     (setq w3m-command w3mmee)))
 (require 'w3m)

You might also need to configure w3mmee such that “English” is set as the “Language” in the “Character Encoding Settings” section of the “Option Setting Panel”.