I(WangChunYe?) create this package because DeskTop is slow. Usually, I open 100+ buffers, it takes long time to load all these files, because the corresponding mode and hooks are also loaded.

this package is very small, only 93 lines of elisp code including comments.

to install this packeges

(require  'wcy-desktop)

download it Lisp:wcy-desktop.el(WcyDesktop)

For Emacs 23, the following initialization works. (Otherwise, when exiting Emacs you get an error about “remove-if-not” not being defined.)

(when (require 'erc-compat nil t)
  (defalias 'remove-if-not 'erc-remove-if-not)
  (load "wcy-desktop")

Note that WcyDesktop supports one desktop, not one per directory.