wiki-dot.el --- Export wiki pages to dot files

This little package allows you to produce a graph of your local wiki (see WikiMode). The graph is described using the dot language. See for source and binary distributions. There are two tools available: dot for directed graphs and neato for undirected graphs. Customize ‘wiki-graph-type’ to control the output. Download

Use M-x wiki-graph to generate a dot file for you. You will need a working copy of neato or dot to process the file.

I’ve found it very difficult to produce acceptable results with neato and dot. It is rather difficult to determine which pages ought shall be part of the graph and which pages shall not. Even you find an appropriate ‘wiki-include-function’, you will have to fiddle with dot or neato parameters to produce acceptable output. If you find good wiki-include-functions or dot/neato parameters to generate interesting graphs of your wiki, please share them with me. I’m allways interested in learning more! ^_^ – AlexSchroeder