I use Emacs. Specifically, AquamacsEmacs on my powerbook and vanilla Emacs 22 from CVS on linux.

More specifically, I started off with emacs 18.something back around 1990, when I first discovered Unix. For most of the intervening years I have used XEmacs but recently returned to the fold.

My life inside Emacs

Favourite major modes
Favourite command
Favourite keystroke
“M-# q” (quick-calc) - This is much easier on a UK keyboard than a US one.
Favourite Emacs feature
the first line in a buffer is number 1, the first column is number 0. “Foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds”— Emerson.

My life outside Emacs

I am an astrophysicist working in Mexico. I have two children. Only one has used Emacs. With the other, I figured I’d leave it until after she learns to talk.


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