wsh-repl is a Windows Scripting Host REPL (Read-Eval-Print Loop, see Right now it is very alpha quality software.

Right now it offers VERY simple functionality, giving you a console into the windows scripting host from Emacs. However, this can be used to script windows actions from within Emacs.

It lives as 2 separate files, the first is the comint interaction mode wsh-repl.el, and the second is a simple Javascript (JSript) file to actually handle REPL interaction.

WshRepl is now available on GitHub:

With version 0.2 there have been some new changes:

The JScript REPL was built to be extensible. It all runs inside of a REPL object that has the following properties:

So if you wanted to change the prompt to “I am genie” you could set the prompt parameter, or re-write the getPrompt function.

  REPL.prompt = "I AM GENIE! >";


  REPL.getPrompt = function() { return "I AM GENIE!" };