x-symbol is a minor mode that assists the input of symbols in some token languages (TeX and SGML/HTML).

For example, it allows you to input frequently-used LaTeX symbols with quick shortcuts.

It also offers a symbol picker similar to that of LaTeXSymbols (“M-x x-symbol-grid”, or “C-= C-=”).

Among other things, x-symbol offers what it calls “electric input method”, which replaces some character sequences by other characters. For example, typing an apostrophe and an e ( “’e” ) will give you an acute-accented e ( when inputting TeX “{\’e}”, which will be displayed as “é” ). If this behaviour annoys you, add the following in your ‘~/.emacs’ file (see CategoryDotEmacs):

    (setq x-symbol-electric-ignore "[ \t]\\|[A-Za-z][~`]\\|[:'][A-Za-z]")