yod.el is a client for the Yahoo! Messenger chat protocol (YMSG 12). It is written in emacs lisp (with a little help from C), and supports chatrooms, instant messages, and conferences.

I am having trouble using YodEl

The Messages buffer shows this after the unsuccessful attempt to logon:

trying scs.msg.yahoo.com



Password: .

Password: ..

Password: ……

error in process filter: yodel-list-pending-handler: unsuccessful logon (2)

error in process filter: unsuccessful logon (2)


Can anybody help me with this one? Thanks! :)


Since I started working on yod.el, Yahoo! has changed their encryption scheme at least twice. To handle those changes easily, yod.el uses a small C program (called “ycrypt”) to do password encyrption. The C source comes from whatever other open source Yahoo client cracks the password change first.

Most of the problems people have reported with yod.el are due to a misconfigured setting for ycrypt. It looks to me like that ClairChing ‘s problem too.

One of the yod.el customization options is ‘yodel-crypt-program – the value of that option should be set to the path of your ycrypt program.


Things seem to be ok now =) Thanks for the help - ClairChing