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< See last inputs : C-h l or F1 l


> See last inputs : C-h l or <f1> l

Some arcane shortcuts that may be useful in some situations. Note that C-c letter shortcuts are reserved for users. This is for emacs version >= 22. Contribute your own.

  List all shortcuts               : C-h b or <f1> b
  List shortcuts with prefix C-x   : C-x C-h or C-x <f1>
  List user-defined shortcuts      : C-c C-h or C-c <f1>
  Undo                             : C-x u, C-/ or C-_
  Repeat last command              : C-x z
  Write in a read-only buffer      : C-x C-q
  Word expansion                   : M-/
  Center buffer on cursor          : C-l
  Scroll all buffers               : M-x scroll-all-mode
  Read man in emacs                : M-x man
  Insert with octal code           : C-q octal-code
  See last inputs                  : C-h l or <f1> l
  Put a ~ over a n                 : C-x 8 ~ n
  Sort lines                       : M-x sort-lines
  Sort numerically wrt last field  : C-u -1 M-x sort-numeric-fields
  Reverse lines in region          : M-x reverse-region
  Replace tabs by spaces           : M-x untabify
  Default shell                    : C-h v shell-file-name
  Begin writing in bold face       : C-u M-o b
  Mark whole buffer                : C-x h
  Hide indented text               : C-x $ 1
  Insert a comment delimiter       : M-;
  Goto line by number              : M-g M-g or M-g g
  Activate input method            : C-\
  Leave single space between words : M-SPC
  Highlight trailing whitespaces   : C-x w h RET SPC + $
  Suppress trailing whitespaces    : M-x delete-trailing-whitespace
  Put previous word in uppercase   : M-- M-u
  Put region in uppercase          : C-x C-u
  Go to previous mark position     : C-u C-SPC
  Align text by column             : C-u M-x align
  Align with respect to : (column) : M-x align-regexp RET :
  Fit window to buffer content     : C-x -
  Put >> in front of selected lines: C-x r t RET >>
  Count words in buffer            : M-x count-words RET
  Compute square root of 2         : M-: (sqrt 2)
  Scroll down other window         : C-M-v
  Scroll up other window           : C-M-- C-M-v

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