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> Thanks! --JonasBernoulli

I’ve been experimenting with a local git repository that doesn’t take daily snapshots but checks in every change (with username and summary being used as author and commit message). If there’s any problem posting, let me know via email → <mailto:alex@gnu.org>. If there’s any objection to beefing up one of the repositories (see WikiDownload), let me know as well.

The only argument I see is that in a social space, perfect records run counter to human nature. I feel a bit more spied upon. I do realize, however, that not many people seem to share my opinion.

If you feel that this change from anonymous 24h snapshots to more detailed logs makes you uncomfortable, speak up – leave a comment on this page or send me an email. – AlexSchroeder

See also: MeatBall:RecordKeeper (“some people refuse to forgive, and thus they refuse to forget”), Community:ForgiveAndForget (“If you wrote aggravating stuff in the past, community members cannot easily dig up your statements and remind everybody of your past sins.”)

I’ve hooked Emacs Wiki up to https://github.com/emacsmirror/emacswiki.org (slow load because of thousands of files). Let me know if there’s anything wrong. I push once an hour, at the moment.

Thanks! --JonasBernoulli