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Summary: Adding ruby-debug to my personal page.


> * [[ruby-debug]] : For helping me out when debugging with Ruby.

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“Current” means: July 2013:

I want a first/third person RPG with all the power of Blender and Ogre! And is called Liliputworld! :P

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Thank you for the Spanish translation!

How would you translate “Add Translation”? “Añadir traducción”? I’ll be happy to add it!

You are welcome! Yes, “Añadir traducción” for me is correct… I didn’t translate it because the option isn’t translated…

What I translated, are the pages correct? Are there something else you need to be translated?

Thanks for this stupendous wiki!

Do you recieve the answer of a discussion if I put the “minor edit” option? I try with the “major edit” option now…


I was in Portugal for a few days with very limited Internet access. ☺

I added “Añadir traducción” to the translation file. (Note that not all the texts listed on that page are used by Emacs Wiki because I have not installed all the extensions.)

I have only one wiki markup feedback:

You write todas ellas están listadas en la página traducida al español de la GNU([]).

You can simply write the URL and it will be linked automatically: todas ellas están listadas en la página traducida al español de la GNU (

I would write this even shorter: todas ellas están listadas en [ la página traducida al español de la GNU]. → “todas ellas están listadas en la página traducida al español de la GNU.”

Portugal! wow… How was it?

Nice… that’s looks better… I change it now! Thanks!

Meeting class mates I had not seen in 24 years, seeing my mom, my half brother, my stepbrother, the beach, the sea, Lisbon, it was a nice long weekend getaway. ☺

How nice! I live in Argentina, in a small town… In “La Patagonia”…

Here we have a little group of GNU/Linux called U.L.A. (Don’t look at the page now! It’s so out of date…) and a bunch of “followers” of emacs.

I started using it thanks to my teacher of “logic for computer science” 3 years ago… Think he usually read this wiki! ☺

I also know how to do some programming in “Elisp” and in a near future I expect to publish some algorithms I made(but first I have to read some HowTo ‘s :P).


I want to ask something that maybe is in a wikipage already… but I want to be sure, that’s all…

Should I translate pages, writing them tending to be formal, or writing using non-formal ways(could we say as a friend?)?

For example, I’am translating [[ÁreaLisp?]] (ElispArea) and realise that it could be written in an informal way… But I don’t know if that is wrong and I am misplacing myself…

Thanks in advance…


I think either way is fine. The wiki exists somewhere between informal like IRC and formal like the official Emacs documentation. It has pages that act like a manual such as Icicles and it has pages that contain the discussion between various people. I would use whatever you would like to see more of. ☺ – Alex

Hi. I added some commands to syslog-mode.el for filtering and highlighting items. Shouldn’t be difficult to add commands for reporting statistics aswell, but I don’t have time for that now. – JoeBloggs

Thanks! I’ll update my Lisp:syslog-mode.el immediately. ☺ – ChristianGiménez