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> * PerAbrahamsen's [[ theological issues]] page, on Google drive. (It used to be at %% Perhaps that URL will come back someday.) Per has also posted to [[ alt.religion.emacs]] (see next) recently.


< * PerAbrahamsen used to have a page on theological issues, but it is no longer available: (Perhaps it will come back someday.) Per has apparently posted to [[ alt.religion.emacs]] recently.

 Organization: The Church of Emacs

Many emacs hackers maintain weird pages out there that refer to the Church of Emacs. Some have it in in their “Organization” header when they post to EmacsNewsgroups. Others wrote code to produce Emacs related religious texts based on existing religious texts. Here are some links:

       (defun erc-cmd-FAITH (&rest ignore)
          "Post faith in the current channel." 
          (require 'faith)
          (mapconcat 'identity (split-string (faith-quote) "\n") " ")))

During a discussion with Saint IGNUcius in Zarautz, Spain, we discovered that the saint key of the church of Emacs is META, and no other.