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df-mode.el is a small minor mode that show the space left on devices. It is based on df.el.

Download: Lisp:df-mode.el


Put df-mode.el in your load-path and this in your .emacs file:

 (autoload 'df-mode "df-mode" nil t)
 (df-mode 1)


The currently available version of df-mode.el seems to need this additional custom variable definition.

 (defcustom directory-free-space-program "df"
   "*Name of your df(1) program."
   :type 'string
   :group 'df)

Perhaps it is normally defined elsewhere, but I don’t have that code loaded? (Using Debian’s GNU emacs 21.4.1)



The left number are the size of the current file and the right number are the size of the using device.

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