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Eoops (Emacs Object-Oriented Programming System) implements a Smalltalk-80-like language in GNU EmacsLisp (Lewis 90).

Eoops is a simple but efficient compiler for a class-based, single inheritance, object-oriented language that uses explicit message passing for both method invocation and state access.

Eoops supplies macros to create new classes, instantiate them, and send messages to instances. Eoops defines, not a complete programming language, but rather an object-oriented extension to a base language, here EmacsLisp. Thus, a programmer uses Eoops to specify classes and instances, but uses the base language to specify control and environment.

The authors of Eoops are:

See Lisp:eoops.el.

For an object oriented language extension based on generic methods instead of message passing also have a look at EmacsLispObjects.

Smalltalk In Emacs

Anyone else thinks that Smalltalk support in Emacs would be great? Emacs has windows & frames, so it would make a great Smalltalk environment! I made a fake Smalltalk Browser in Emacs (and took a screenshot of it, see below): I can’t think of anything else since…


Note: don’t take this too seriously, I know it probably won’t happen. But I need to share this dream I have! – SebastienRoccaSerra

It look a bit like ObjectOrientedBrowser – Fredrik