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If you use XEmacs and Auctex under Windows you may run into the problem that firing the command C-c C-c (means press CTRL and c at the same time two times) leads to an error:

        No latex file processing cause the file could not be found ( this i a 
        missleading error message) 

Here the error message (invoked by C-c C-l)

	Running `LaTeX' on `localText' with ``latex --src-specials 	
	This is TeX, Version 3.14159 (MiKTeX 2.2)
	! I can't find file `'.tex'.
	<to be read again>
	<*> '\nonstopmode
	Please type another input file name:

I found a message at that describes the same problem i used to have. The answers there is:

	You are using a shell that does not understand single quotes, 	
	but your command running LaTeX, as configured into
	TeX-command-list, uses single instead of double quotes.

The advice given there is: In case I have not been clear enough: try M-x customize-variable RET TeX-command-list RET and do the obvious thing.

But what is the obvious thing? The following is the result of the comand:

	M-x customize-variable RET TeX-command-list RET
	( M = Meta-Key usually ALT on your Keyboard)
	( just press ALT and x at the same time  )

Tex Command List: * [INS] [DEL] Name: TeX Command: tex \nonstopmode\input %t How: [Value Menu] TeX-run-TeX Prompt: [Toggle] off (nil) End [INS] [DEL] Name: LaTeX Command: %l ‘\nonstopmode\input{%t}’ How: [Value Menu] TeX-run-LaTeX Prompt: [Toggle] off (nil) End

Just edit Command: %l ‘\nonstopmode\input{%t}’ to Command: %l \nonstopmode\input{%t}

and you should be fine. You are probably still running into problems with C-c C-c Acrobat, but as soon i figure that out i will post it here. If you know a solution please post it here. HTH

Funnily enough I had the same problem but with the opposite solution. That is, the same error message, but when I went into the customize buffer there were no single quotes in the command. So I added them, and the error message went away. - LouisePryor

Well, you could just try not to use a stone-age version of AUCTeX. XEmacs is notoriously bad at providing up-to-date versions of third-party software, and AUCTeX is not any different here.

The problems have been fixed literally years ago, and AUCTeX comes with specific setup instructions and configurations for Windows.

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