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> ==Teaching Emacs to Always Maintain 80 Columns==

Teaching Emacs to Always Maintain 80 Columns

When using a window manager that frequently reapportions screen space — such as a tiling window manager — or when in a situation where you are often flipping Emacs in and out of full-screen mode, you might want to train Emacs to maintain a width of 80 characters through each resize event. Though the following code is rudimentary — it would benefit from improvements like a cache of appropriate font sizes instead of recomputing the correct font size afresh with each call — it does maintain at least 80 columns of text across resizing.

;; Maintain at least 80 columns, even when the window is resized

(setq maximum-font-height 180)
(setq minimum-font-height 60)
(setq previous-frame-width 0)

(setq window-size-change-functions
      '((lambda (frame)
          (if (/= previous-frame-width (frame-width frame))
              (let ((trial-size maximum-font-height))
                (set-face-attribute 'default frame :height trial-size)
                (while (and (> trial-size minimum-font-height)
                            (< (frame-width frame) 80))
                  (setq trial-size (- trial-size 10))
                  (set-face-attribute 'default frame :height trial-size))
                (setq previous-frame-width (frame-width frame))

This code snippet was originally copied from auto-resize-font.el.