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< A little comparison between notification agents alternatives (please add stuff here):
< * GnusNotify allows you to select which groups you want to include
in the report (you need to use GnusDemon to set-up the automatic update)
< * [GnusNotify gnus-notify+] works with a timer, and each time it runs, slows down your Emacs for a moment


> == Notifications in the mode line ==
> * GnusNotify
> * [ gnus-notify+]


< * GnusDesktopNotify can be configured per-group and can call any arbitrary program in response to new mail
< * …


> == Desktop Notifications ==
> * GnusNotifications is included with GNUs itself, uses the `notifications' library that comes with emacs 24. It allows to set a minimum group level to hide notifications and fetch profile photos using the sender address and google+.

> * GnusDesktopNotify can be configured per-group, can collapse group names, and also call any arbitrary function/program in response to new mail.

Notifications in the mode line

Desktop Notifications